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Green Tea Salt Recipe

Green Tea Salt Recipe

Sachiko Murata |

Let's incorporate the flavor of green tea into our cooking as well as drinking. It's Tea Salt!

This is the simplest recipe ever. Mix some green tea with some salt from your cupboard. The fresh and subtle bitter flavor of green tea adds a burst of color and a refreshing taste to your dishes, especially with deep-fried or fried foods. 



Green Tea Salt RECIPE




3 tablespoons sencha green tea

1 tablespoon salt



Mix the tea and salt together until well blended.You can do this by hand, or place them in a mortal and pestle or spice grinder, and blend until you reach the desired consistency.




Basic sencha green tea is used for this recipe.

Don't hesitate to adjust the ratio of tea to salt according your taste. 

It's also nice to add citrus peel powder such as Yuzu (Japanese citrus)Powder.

Photo from the left: green tea and Himalayan rock salt, green tea ,Okinawa sea salt  and citrus peel powder.



How to Enjoy it

To Sprinkle

Sprinkle onto fish and chips, boiled eggs ,salad or grilled chicken, etc.


Potato chips with sencha green tea salt



Popcorn with green tea and citrus powder salt




To Mix 

Mix the tea salt into rice, noodles, and baking bread. 



Onigiri (おにぎり, rice balls) 


Onigiri (the left), seasoned rice with green tea salt, sesame seeds and wakame(dried seaweed).

Onigiri (the right), seasoned rice with green tea salt and citrus peel powder.



Get creative and enjoy your original seasoning ! 



Today's Recommendations 


Sencha green tea

Dobashien Tea #07: Kakegawa Series: Shizuoka Sencha, Oimatsu   

Along with Dobashien's Higashiyama sencha, this Oimatsu blend is also one of the most popular teas from the tea company. This sencha blend is well-balanced with respect to sweetness, umami, and shibumi. 


Sea salt  

This medium grain salt made from seawater from Okinawa is good for blending.

Seawater Salt from Okinawa 沖縄の海水塩 


Japanese citrus peel powder 

Oishi Tea Farm: Yuzu Powder (Granules) 乾燥ゆず皮(顆粒)

The yuzu grown in on the island of Tsushima, Nagasaki without pesticide were carefully dried and crushed.The aroma of the yuzu will give a nice accent to your dishes.


Dried Seaweed 

Riken: Wakame Seaweed from Naruto

Wakame is a sea vegetable commonly found throughout Japanese cuisine. Flat, soft, and green, it is used as a garnishing in miso soup, ramen noodles as an accompaniment.



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